Let me ask you one question. What is your favorite way of revitalizing the spirit and calming down? Well, if you are in search of the answer then Slovenia with its amazing natural resources is the best way of pampering you and your inner self. We invite you to take a short break to enjoy the rich wellness experience of Slovenia. Our new promotional TV and web video for Feel Slovenia - My way takes you through a wide diversity of wellness goodness that Slovenia has to offer. From the richness of its seaside all the way to amazing thermal water resources of Rogaška and Rimske toplice. Breathe in, breathe out, lay back and enjoy this delightful visual ride.
Client: Feel Slovenia
Production company: Studio Production House
Director-dop: Drazen Stader
Script: Nea Culpa, Studio Production House
Amazing crew: Alex Delay, Vita Znidaric Stader, Jaka Sajovic, Žiga Kalan, Nik Lavrič, Max Bernard, Srečko Čoragič,
Make up: Urška Bizjak
Stylist: Petra Rozman
Drone service: One drone
Postproduction: Studio Production House
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